“Middlebridge Marketing is a hidden gem in the world of brokers, with that rare combination of personal attention and powerful influence where and when it matters most. Product Quest engaged the Middlebridge team over a decade ago, and in that time PQ has grown from a single-sku player into multi-category, strategic store brand vendor to CVS. The store brand business is changing fast, with new demands and challenges emerging on an almost daily basis. In such an environment, growth doesn’t happen by sheer inertia. It happens because Middlebridge cultivates deep and lasting relationships at all levels within the ever-evolving CVS organization. It happens because Middlebridge intimately understands CVS’ needs and our goals. It happens because Middlebridge has nurtured our business with exceptional attention to detail so that no challenge goes unheard and every opportunity is revealed.”

Christine Regan-Davi,Vice President, Product Quest Logistics LLC

2013 WINNER – CVS Supplier Partner of the Year