Our story goes back to the late 80’s, when one woman decided to take the leap of faith from her corporate sales job to found a start-up marketing brokerage firm. The thought of being able to make an impact on a larger scale was the catalyst behind Diane Charboneau’s decision and she’s never looked back – that’s just not her style. Providing a superior level of service and truly adding value, was the key area of differentiation. The name Middlebridge Marketing was fitting as we help bridge the gap between Retailers & CPG companies in both a sales & marketing role (it’s purely coincidental that she still lives on Middlebridge Road… but that’s besides the point).

As a start-up brokerage firm, Diane was up against some fierce competition, including the likes of one Gayle Smith. They shared similar values and realized that they could really create a service offering that was differentiated from all others. Middlebridge Marketing Inc.’s success & growth is directly attributed to the passion that both Gayle & Diane have put behind the business. If you were to ask them why they do it, the answer is really simple. They love it. They love products and they love the companies that we work with.

Middlebridge Marketing has continued to grow, but the values have stayed the same. Relentless in our pursuit for excellence, Middlebridge has carved out a unique niche in the industry, allowing us to compete with other large brokerage houses where you are just one of many. You matter to us, and your success is our success. We are creative collaborators and analytical rockstars. As the Shakespeare quote goes, “Although she is small, she be but fierce”. We are a close knit team who really knows how to come together to produce unparalleled results. Meet the team here.