Over 10 years ago, the owner of our company was searching for a  boutique broker partner to handle one of our largest customers, CVS. It was his good fortune to partner with Diane Charboneau and  Middlebridge Marketing. They have an incredible team of individuals that understand CVS from the bottom up.They continue to reinvest in their business, bringing on new talent in their building that understand the philosophies, the strategies and the culture of CVS.  They are best in class when it comes to understanding the workings of the account, executing the tactical elements on a daily basis as well as helping to define or refine the appropriate strategies for each of their clients.  With the help of the Middlebridge team, we have seen our business grow into area’s that we didn’t realize were possible. Based on all the work that we have done together this past year alone, we will more than triple our sku count  and dollar volume in 2015. This was accomplished through collaboration and dedication of our organization and the entire group at Middlebridge. That is not the only example of the results they deliver on a daily basis, only the most recent. Without any hesitation, I would encourage any company to meet the team and see what they are capable of accomplishing for your company. I would then personally encourage you to sign them on as your partner – you will not be disappointed.

Bob Terrell, VP of Global Sales, Dentek Oral Care